Damon Lindelof Teases Episode 9 As The One ‘In Which We Do What We Said We Weren’t Gonna’

As the latest Leftovers teaser tells us, there are “only 2 episodes left” this season. But so much more is teased in that video: Kevin seems to be missing and John is looking for him; Meg returns...possibly with a big plan; and we’re ominously told: “Not every miracle…is a blessing.”

To that mix of teases for this Sunday’s installment “Ten Thirteen," we’d add that co-creator Damon Lindelof exclusive told Watching the Leftovers that this episode is the one “in which we do what we said we weren’t gonna.”

What’s he mean? With Lindelof, we’re never really too sure, but see if you can make heads or tails of his cryptic words while watching the latest tease (yet) again:

Justin Theroux on Why He Loves Patti Levin

Did you find yourself sympathizing with Patti Levin after Sunday's episode? You're not alone—actor Justin Theroux shares your emotional 180:

"When the penny dropped for me as far as what she is, that she's essentially a child, it was just heartbreaking. Immediately you can love Patti for the first time. It was an incredible piece of writing. You realize that she's not this nonsensical, heartless bitch—there is a reason why she doesn't speak, a reason why she wants people to die. It's because she's emotionally handicapped by what's been done to her by others. She's essentially a villain for 18 episodes, and then she becomes the most endearing character—at least for me—of all two seasons. I just loved those scenes in the well and thought it was such an incredible, inventive turn."
The Divine Comedy of Virgil and Kevin

The Divine Comedy of Virgil and Kevin

“You were the lamp that led me from that night/You led me forth to drink Parnassian water/then on the road to God you shed your light.”
—Statius to Virgil, Purgatorio 22.64-65

Written by Dante Aligheri in the 14th Century, The Divine Comedy is an epic poem considered to be one of the most defining pieces of literature about our ideas of hell and the underworld. Drawing heavily from the medieval Christian philosophies and theology of Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica, the poem is divided into three sections, which are the three realms of the dead—hell, purgatory, and paradise. In the epic, Dante is guided through the various circles of hell and purgatory before reaching paradise. He has a wise guide throughout the journey. That guide’s name was...Virgil. Of course, it’s no coincidence that this is the name of the man who has offered to guide Kevin into the realms of death to do battle with his “most powerful adversary.” I would suggest that Virgil’s suicide was not a devious act of narcissism but that he killed himself to act as Kevin’s guide to the world that awaited him.

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Tom Perrotta Teases Episode 8: ‘Business Traveler’

The next episode of The Leftovers, titled “International Assassin,” is cloaked in mystery...but Watching the Leftovers has a tiny tidbit to whet your appetite in advance: Co-creator Tom Perrotta teases the hour with the words “business traveler.”

Who’s that business traveler? What do they have to do with the upcoming episode? We’re not entirely sure, but watch the new “In the Week Ahead” trailer for The Leftovers to see what you can glean.

Tom Perrotta Teases Episode 7: ‘We Jump the Shark’

We’ve been rolling out episodic teases from co-creators Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta here on Watching The Leftovers each week, but this week’s tee-up of episode 7, titled “A Most Powerful Adversary,” may be the juiciest one yet: Perrotta ominously says that this episode is “the one where we jump the shark.”

What now? Who knows...that’s why it’s a tease. Below, explore the “A Most Powerful Adversary” preview—which focuses on Kevin and his continuing break with reality—to see if you can figure out how The Leftovers, according to Perrotta, is going to “jump the shark.”

All of the October 14 Departures in One Beautiful Video

"What is incomprehensible is what is hardest. We cannot support it. We fear the unexplainable like emptiness." —French-Canadian poet and author Louise Bouchard

In The Leftovers on October 14, two percent of the world's population disappeared. Nobody knows why and where they went. This brief event changed the world's conception of life. From that day on, nothing was ever under control.

To show the reactions of all the people who experienced this chaotic event chronologically, I created one unique video with all the departures from Season 1.

Watch it after the jump.

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The Year of the Goat

“Jerry, no, you gotta get it outta here.”           

In the latest episode of The Leftovers, “Lens,” as Jerry whipped out his handy plastic sheet, nearly everyone’s reaction in Miracle’s populace, whether verbally or facially, was resoundingly: “Let him do it!” But then, finally, Erica let her pot boil over in epic fashion and helped to answer the question: What’s up with the goats? Watch the scene play out again after the jump.

While the goat slaughter in “Axis Mundi” was big, there are slight, seemingly insignificant goat moments in every episode but the Laurie-Tom episode, “Off Ramp.” We’ve all seen Jerry parading a goat around town on a rope. We’ve seen Jerry and a goat in front of the liquor store, walking by the grocery store, crossing in front of the scientist as he drives his rented golf cart. Personally, I’ve been watching for the goat as if it’s a game of Where’s Waldo?

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Tom Perrotta Teases Episode 6: ‘Glass Houses’

After last week’s episode focused on Rev. Matt Jamison, this Sunday’s episode of The Leftovers, airing at 9 pm, puts the spotlight on his sister, Nora Durst, and is titled “Lens.” But what else do we know about what’s to come at this point? Not that much. But The Leftovers book author and co-creator Tom Perrotta teases the coming hour to Watching the Leftovers by simply saying: “Glass houses.”

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