Student 'Pulls Apart' World of The Leftovers With 4 Sketches


Viewing The Leftovers has motivated artist Forrest DeBlois, a 22-year-old art student at the University of Central Florida, to create a series of Mapleton-inspired sketches for his art-filled blog, At Least One Per Day.

DeBlois' says he uses his Tumblr "to draw every day for practice," adding that he depicts "stories I'm emotionally invested in." The Leftovers interested him because of the show's "approach to character," he says. "Everyone in Mapleton seems really fully formed, even two episodes in."

The artist says he's fascinated by how shows like The Leftovers communicate their story visually and non-visually. "The drawings are a way for me to pull apart the world of Damon Lindelof, Tom Perrotta, Peter Berg, and everyone who makes the show in order to understand how its different parts fit together to make the whole thing work." 

DeBlois gave us insight into why he created each of these sketches.

Patti's "She's going to leave" sign: "For this one, I tried to find an image that on its own would represent some of the main themes of the episode."

The young mother bewildered by her departed baby: "I wanted to find a single image from the pilot that showed the fallout of the Departure emotionally. I really liked how the show staged the shot of the parent without a child in the foreground, and child without a parent in the background."


Jill and Aimee at school: "I wanted to find two sequential images from the episode that alluded to who Jill and Aimee are as characters and how their relationship is set up in the show."

The broken Garvey family photo: "I drew the Garvey family picture because I thought it worked really well in the pilot as a summation of the family situation, where it was, where it is now."

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