Justin Theroux and Amy Brenneman on Kevin and Laurie's Quiet Connection


When asked to choose the most jaw-dropping moment of the pilot episode of The Leftovers, actor Amy Brenneman did not hesitate. "When Justin [Theroux] came to me at the end," Brenneman told HBO.com at The Leftovers New York City premiere. The tense scene, wherein Kevin Garvey begs his wife Laurie to come home, "told me everything about this marriage," Brenneman added. "This married couple is just so emotionally involved."

Despite the connection, Theroux feels his character, Kevin, is psychologically isolated: Although his family is "at the end of his fingertips, Kevin can't ever have any kind of comfortable space with them." This is especially true when it comes to Laurie, who for Kevin, only sparks "more grief and humiliation" as a member of the Guilty Remnant. The organization is "basically the new husband to his wife," Theroux maintains, and their vow of silence is "infuriating… Silence is the worst rejoinder in the world."

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