Student Artists Remix Kevin and Laurie Garvey


The Leftovers continues to inspire artists to use their talents to reinterpret the characters of Mapleton. 

Krasen Maximov, an 18-year-old high school student in Bulgaria, churned out a sketch of dashing leading man Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) and posted it to both his Tumblr and DeviantArt profile. 

The youthful artist was inspired to draw Kevin because "Justin Theroux's good looks hook up the character with special charisma." Maximov adds: "I get inspired by tough characters who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and still try to stay strong. Absolutely perfect embodiment for a town sheriff. I drew this portrait for Justin Theroux. I want to make him happy if he sees it. This is my way to show gratitude and respect."

Maximov was hooked on The Leftovers from the start. "The story actually took me by surprise. Quite an spectacular turn from the very beginning. I love the atmosphere," he says. "It's very grim but it's perfect."

While Krasen is hoping that Theroux will see his work, Amy Brenneman – who plays Guilty Remnant Laurie Garvey – has seen Billy Donnelly's rendering of her character on his Tumblr. (The 20-year-old rising senior at Wesleyan University commented with the art: "The Guilty Remnant are the best ever.") Brenneman tweeted about the art and subsequently made it the avatar on her Twitter account

Donnelly told about what propelled him to create the Laurie Garvey art:

"I like to consider myself a bit of an aspiring graphic novelist/comic book creator. As an English major, though, I've always focused a bit more on the writing aspect rather than the artwork. So this summer, I've challenged myself to make one piece of artwork per day Monday through Friday with the intent of improving my skill and simultaneously building a bit of a following on Tumblr. Since I had just watched the premiere of The Leftovers and really enjoyed it, I decided that I was going to do a piece of fan art for it.

"I chose Laurie and the G.R. specifically because I just think that the Guilty Remnant are the strangest, creepiest, most messed up, and most interesting part of The Leftovers, which is saying something on a show where all of the dogs have gone feral, a man can (supposedly) take away pain through hugs, and mysterious men with shotguns just show up on your front porch. The Guilty Remnant have this really bizarre, almost David Lynch-ian presence that's totally different from everything else on the show. I'm so perplexed and fascinated by them. I also find them really visually interesting, with their all-white attire. Come to think of it, their presence on the show is almost entirely visual. They don't speak, and they don't really "do" much. They're always just standing there, smoking and daring you to make a move on them, which is an image that I felt was incredibly striking.

"Tom Perrotta actually gave a reading at my school in the spring of 2013, and I went with the rest of my Techniques of Fiction class. We had all read his short story "The Smile on Happy Chang's Face," which I absolutely loved. He read us an excerpt from The Leftovers novel where Wayne was taking away people's pain. I didn't really know what to think of it, since it was definitely not in the same genre as "Happy Chang" and not at all what I imagined the remainder of Tom Perrotta's body of work to be like. This past year, I started to see trailers for the show before Game of Thrones and tons of ads for it in New York City. I was like, "Oh! I kind of know what that is," so I decided to check it out and ended up really enjoying it.

"Just seeing how all of these different characters respond to and navigate their separate and shared grief and loss is really interesting to me; we don't really have two characters who are reacting or processing everything in the same way. I'm also invested enough in all of these characters that I just want to know what happens to them. Will Megan join the GR? Will Laurie return to her family? What is the Guilty Remnant's ulterior motive? Is Kevin just going crazy? What the heck was going on with the reverend's visions of pigeons? There are so many mysteries and character arcs to puzzle over. I want to see how it all resolves and comes together."

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