Amy Brenneman Explains the Guilty Remnant: ‘There’s No One United Belief System’


One of the biggest questions viewers of The Leftovers have is: What does the Guilty Remnant stand for? This blog recently rounded up questions about the mysterious group and crowd-sourced speculative answers from fans around the internet. But in an interview recently did with Amy Brenneman – you can read the full Q&A on Sunday after episode five titled “Gladys” – the actress took a moment to help viewers explain the G.R. a little bit more.

Here’s Brenneman's explanation of the G.R.:

“The one thing that people need to get their head around is that there’s no one, unified belief system. The G.R. is a nascent movement, in the same way that Christianity once was that way. The G.R. does not believe in X, Y, and Z. What [series co-creator] Damon Lindelof said back when we were doing the pilot, which I really liked, was that it’s a little bit like the Occupy movement, where the G.R. believes a lot of different things but what unifies is the G.R. wants to detach from the outside world. The G.R. is sort of modern-day monks and we want to pull ourselves away.

“After an event like the Sudden Departure – and this happened certainly post-9/11 – there are the people who say, “We should go back to normal. That is what would be healthy.” And then there are the people who say, “No, no, no, actually that’s a game changer and we’re going to change the way we live.” Kevin is sort of the person trying to keep everything going the way it always has been, and Laurie stands for the idea of: No, we’re actually going to get off that hamster wheel. What’s coming about with us trying to go forward is a lot of violence, a lot of people acting out, a lot of insanity. A lot of the words that we’re saying now are meaningless because of this new world that they live in. So I think Laurie stands for taking a breath, detaching, and not perpetuating violence. That gets challenged by someone like Patti, but that’s certainly why Laurie got in there.”

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