Bustle's Jefferson Grubbs: 5 Coming Intrigues in the Weeks Ahead Trailer


HBO recently released a trailer that teases the upcoming episodes of The Leftovers. The piece reaches far into future episodes of the series and flashes several highly charged scenes, featuring characters from Kevin and Laurie to Meg and Holy Wayne.

Below, you can enjoy the trailer. But first, read the interview with Bustle writer Jefferson Grubbs, who gives a five-point commentary about what he deems to be the most exciting and intriguing parts of the video. Grubbs has been writing about the series from the start, penning probing pieces on everything from how the series has departed from the book to healthy speculation about the Guilty Remnant (and much more).

1. The opening voice-over
"I couldn't quite tell which character was speaking. But whoever it was, I liked what they were saying about how instances of delusion rise after catastrophe. I feel like that's been a really strong focus of the show that the book didn't really go into as much. It definitely applies most to Kevin, with his crazy father and potential descent into madness. He's had the deer and the dogs and the strange man who may not actually exist. The delusion may also apply a little bit Matt and everything happening around Tom and Christine."

2. The prophet's dilemma
"Another part of the voice-over mentioned the 'prophet's dilemma,' and I Googled that phrase and it turns out that's another phrase that means as a 'self-defeating prophecy,' which is the opposite of a self-fulfilling prophecy. I didn't even really know that was a thing. A self-defeating prophecy is when someone works toward making a prophecy happen and actually makes it not happen. I'm interested to see what that has to do with anything. There's a part of that voice-over that says, too, 'What happens when our conversations with God go wrong?' I'm guessing that goes back to these delusions and whether they're supernatural or not, whether people feel like they are getting these signs from God and react to them in such a way that actually ends up hurting themselves."

3. Nora and the gun
"The trailer was flashing by so fast, I couldn't quite tell who is holding the gun on her. It didn't look like anyone I recognized, but I couldn't quite tell, either. We've already had one scene with Nora and a gun in her purse. In this trailer, it seems like she was asking someone to hold a gun to her. Her darkness leads me to question that scene where she was interviewing that couple about her departed son, which I'm not so sure was exactly what it seemed. I'm wondering if she isn't posing as this sort of insurance agent to gather information from people who lost loved ones to find some pattern or reason why her entire family disappeared."

4. The Guilty Remnant...and violence
"As a reader of the book, I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but I know that there is exciting stuff coming up for the Guilty Remnant that involves more than them just following people and smoking cigarettes. So the shot of Meg jumping on a guy at a riot and just general scenes of panic and terror, I found those really exciting and promising for that storyline."

5. The grenade
"There's a quick flash of a grenade, as well – someone pulling a pin out of a grenade. I have no idea what that's about, but I'm intrigued."