The Leftovers Sparks Artist's Minimalist Posters

Much like the Loaded Imagery offered here each week, The Leftovers has inspired an artist to boil each episode of the show down to one singular image. The figures range from the ill-fated Dudley's dog tag ("Pilot") to a whistle ("Gladys").

Seattle-based graphic designer Andy Paroff, 24, has posted five of what he calls "minimalist posters," one for each episode, on his Tumblr. "I decided to make these posters as minimalistic as possible to mirror the bleak tone of the show," Paroff tells "The background is gritty as an allusion to the dark back story, but the shapes are simple and plain. I like how those two elements play off each other."

Identifying the image for each episode became more challenging for Paroff throughout the season. "As the show progressed, the ideas got bigger and better, and I started finding it harder and harder to narrow it all down to one representative image," Paroff says. "There were episodes where the credits would roll and I would suddenly realize I had no idea what to illustrate and there were some episodes where there seemed to be three or four different directions I wanted to go in. All in all this was a great exercise in taking big ideas and simplifying them. The Leftovers had an amazing first season, and I definitely look forward to continuing with the posters for Season 2."

Click through the below gallery of for commentary from Paroff on each episode-specific image.