Damon Lindelof Picked a Penguin on Purpose


The upcoming episode of The Leftovers is titled “Penguin One, Us Zero,” which might trigger an obvious reaction from viewers: Seriously, more animals? But not so fast.

Series co-creator Damon Lindelof explains that the tuxedoed seabird only shows up briefly – and the title is more of a metaphor. “There’s only one instance of a penguin appearing in the second episode, and that’s all the context we want to offer,” he says. “We’re trying to grasp at some sort of thematic idea there, in terms of how it relates to our main character.” Lindelof is talking about Kevin Garvey, of course, Mapleton’s police chief. “The second episode is attached very much to Kevin’s experience,” Lindelof continues. “We were pretty purposefully pretentious about our titles, and it will hopefully be fun for the audience to wonder why we named them what we named them.”

See if you can spot the penguin in this preview for the season ahead: