'Penguin One, Us Zero' Writer Kath Lingenfelter Answers 7 Burning Questions

Kath Lingenfelter is a busy writer. Not only did she pen Sunday's episode of The Leftovers, "Penguin One, Us Zero," the show scribe live-tweeted the hour, offering a bunch of insider tidbits that were both funny and informative.

Below is a round-up of seven answered questions from Lingenfelter's Sunday-evening missives.

1. Who raided Holy Wayne's ranch? 

Lingenfelter explains the acronym displayed on the jackets of the raiders. Viewers haven't seen the last of ATFEC.

2. Who was the dead guy kissed by Holy Wayne?

Berg reprised his cameo from the pilot episode, where he played a security guard protecting the entrance to Wayne's ranch.

3. What's the backstory of the missing bagel?


4. What was playing on the TV at Kevin's house?

Right before the "Mystery Man" knocks on Kevin's door, his TV was tuned in to the aforementioned program – notching as yet another in-show reference to non-human creatures

5. What's the Chef Anomaly?

The show hasn't explained much about the Chef Anomaly besides a mention yet, but co-creators Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta have talked about it.

6. Why include the reference to Balki and the rest of the Perfect Strangers crew?

While Kevin visits his father, the pair discuss how the entire cast of the Windy City-based sitcom, Perfect Strangers, departed on October 14.

7. What'll happen in episode three?

Watch the full preview in the video below: