The Final Two Episodes Trailer: 7 Burning Questions & Predictions

With just two episodes left of The Leftovers, the latest trailer leaves us fans riddled with burning questions. The most important one, of course, is: What’s next?

I have so many more questions that may – or may not – be answered, as well as predictions about our characters and their situations as they gear up for what is undoubtedly going to be an epic finale event. Based on the trailer, my questions and corresponding predictions are below.

1. QUESTION: Who is Garvey Sr. referring to? Specifically, when he says, “Three years ago we looked at ourselves, and none of us wondered why we were still here…we knew. You knew.”
PREDICTION: He is referring specifically to himself and those around him who are experiencing (shared?) auditory and visual hallucinations (Kevin, Patti, Dean, the animals, etc.).

2. QUESTION: Why is Laurie covered in soot? Why are there scenes of flames? Is someone going to martyr themselves by being burnt alive?
PREDICTION: Laurie and the G.R. are part of an elaborate scheme to make people remember (which hopefully becomes much larger in season 2). My guess is that the G.R. is going to create a funeral pyre for a several dozen Loved Ones on Memorial Day. I think the reason we see a beaten Meg in the trailer is because one of the Loved Ones’ loved ones (Nora maybe?) decided to lash out in retaliation.

3. QUESTION: Where is here? Kevin is heard referring to “here” a few times during the trailer: “I don’t belong here”...“I have to leave here.” What “isn’t happening”? What “isn’t real”?
PREDICTION: Kevin ends up (for at least a little while) in the same place as his dad: the mental war(d). I think his diagnosis is going to be survivor syndrome with a little bit of oh-my-god-these-“visions”-are-real mixed in. It is, after all, a Damon Lindelof universe.

4. QUESTION: Who wanted to “deliver a message”? What did she say? Why are we looking at Jill as this is being said? Is Jill now a bona fide member of the G.R.? Is she finally ready to channel her emotions (or lack thereof) into something more positive…or negative?
PREDICTION: I’m betting the message is from Mary Jamison, and the message is going to be a smack upside Matt’s head. 

5. QUESTION: Who’s the woman Kevin has in his car that asks him if he’s a “good guy”?
PREDICTION: Kevin found her the same way Nora found Angel. I think that his survivor’s guilt – and losing Laurie – is going to cause Kevin the inability to have a relationship with Nora. I think that’s for the best because I believe Holy Wayne turned Nora into an evil minion.

6. QUESTION: What’s up with the deer charging through a door at Kevin? Are we finally going to find all the answers about the deer and dogs?
PREDICTION: The animals are spirit animals – or messenger guides – that are trying to push Kevin Garvey Jr. into accepting (a term used by both Patti and Garvey Sr.) and understanding what is happening to himself and the others experiencing otherworldly phenomena. Once he understands this message, and accepts this potential “wake-up” call, I think that there will be a better understanding of the nature of the voices, the animals, and specifically why the “dogs aren’t ours…not anymore.”

7. QUESTION: Last but definitely not least, where in the hell is Holy Wayne? There is no mention of any of the characters from that part of the storyline in this trailer. I cannot imagine that we are not going to see more of them during the final two episodes. 
PREDICTION: HBO is saving the best for last. Why spoil the surprise? I think Holy Wayne is not going to be “holy” at all.

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