Reddit Discusses Dean's Deal


For weeks, viewers have been speculating about Dean – the bald, truck gifting, dog hunter who Kevin Garvey, Jr. can't seem to avoid. Following "Cairo," the debate heated up: Dean's actions left viewers as puzzled as Kevin was after he woke up in the woods.

Redditors were all over the subject, naturally. Below is a breakdown of the top theories concerning Dean's motives.

MrSh3rlock hypothesizes that Dean is affiliated with the G.R. "He always has chew in, not a cigarette, but tobacco nonetheless. Also, he tried to kill Patti, which seemed to be her motive the whole time." Kezmafele takes the theory one step further, suggesting that the G.R. and Dean "have been drugging Kevin night after night and are behind his blackout episodes. The whole cabin thing was a setup."

Johnnybones offers more evidence: "It seems like he's involved with the GR. He was there when they killed Gladys. I think he was in cahoots with Patti to ensure she was murdered in that cabin." Myth1n interprets Dean's mysterious line as further confirmation: "It makes sense that [Dean] tells [Patti] that 'Oh shut the f**ck up. I tried,' since Patti ends up killing herself." Another user agrees: "The way he said 'The situation has taken care of itself' as opposed to 'I took care of it' also suggests that Patti told him to do it."

TheDimWhit connects Dean to someone else entirely: Kevin Sr. "I felt like Dean was clearly talking to 'voices' during that scene, even tilting his head to the side while making the comment, much like Sr. does." If this is true, jeremytwoface maintains, "Garvey Sr. did say that 'they' were sending someone to help him and I feel like Dean might fit that profile... He's a 'ghost' as Patti said and he refers to himself as a guardian angel."

User Bender_PSNHu6da1of subscribes to a more supernatural stance: "What if the voices are the people who departed? Maybe they turned into 'ghosts' and are trying to communicate with the leftovers about something, but only Garvey Sr./Jr., Dean and other people, of course, are susceptible to it? Like a medium?"

"Dean might just be a delusion of some sort created by Kevin Jr." In an interview with, director Michelle MacLaren admits to the same suspicionAdventureIsland suggests that "Dean is to Kevin Jr. what 'The Person Grandpa Garvey Talks To' is to Kevin Sr. Grandpa."