10 Things We Now Know About the Garveys


“The Garveys at Their Best” rewarded viewers in so many ways that it was easy to lose count: Motivations were revealed. Mysteries were explained. The nature of relationships came to light. While we could examine nearly every significant resident of the Mapleton community, the insight we were given into the Garvey family is perhaps most fascinating.

Below are the 10 things we now know about the Garveys that I found particularly interesting. 

1. Jill used to be a completely different person. She was happy. She was carefree. There was no evidence of the angst and brooding which was to come. While the Sudden Departure deeply affected every person whose life it touched, none seems as radically transformed by it as Jill.

2. There were signs all around Kevin that things were about to fall apart. A wall in his house was visibly cracked and his “My Hero” coffee cup at the police station sprung a leak. Impending doom kept tapping Kevin on the shoulder throughout the episode.

3. Kevin had seen the deer before. While we can’t be sure if Kevin keeps seeing the same deer or different ones, he continues to have significant encounters with the animals both before and after the Sudden Departure.

4. Laurie was a highly successful therapist. We see this evidenced not only in her beautiful home but also in the nuanced way she deals with Tommy going to see his biological father. To boot, Laurie was Patti’s therapist, which causes us to rethink every conversation and dynamic that had existed between the two of them.

5. Patti predicted the Sudden Departure to Laurie before it happened. Laurie even went as far as attempting to treat her for vocalizing these types of statements.

6. Laurie was the inspiration for Patti leaving the doggy bag for her abusive husband, Neil. It’s no wonder Patti made this delivery while Laurie was in the car with her.

7. Tommy’s biological father, Michael, is still around. Tommy went to his house and made a scene, which brings about greater revelation about Kevin than it does Tommy: Kevin loves Tommy very dearly. Kevin even goes as far as becoming physical with Michael in defense of Tommy.

8. Despite the fact that Kevin appears to be a good dad to him, Tommy is searching for a father figure. Enter Holy Wayne. We now have a better understanding as to why Tommy abandoned Mapleton (and his family) to follow Wayne.

9. Laurie was pregnant but unsure if Kevin wanted another baby. Judging by the “puppy adoption” test, her fears were justified. We are left to assume that Laurie’s predicament ends when her baby disappears in the Sudden Departure. 

10. The Garveys were big fans of the film Trading Places, starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. Tommy and Jill jokingly reference a key line from the film in their kitchen – “Looking good, Billy Ray! Feeling Good, Lewis!"

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