9 Excellent Reasons to Binge The Leftovers' 9 Episodes Before the Finale

It’s time to binge on some Leftovers: On Sunday, Aug. 30, starting at noon, HBO2 will air the first nine episodes the series’ inaugural season back-to-back so that fans can re-watch or new folks can catch-up in advance of the drama’s Sept. 7 season finale. (Of course, you can binge anytime on HBO GO.)

To tee you up before the coming marathon, I assembled nine great reasons (warning: some are a tad cheeky) anyone – everyone! – should go back and watch The Leftovers’ first nine episodes again…or to binge watch and catch up on the show that’s gotten everyone else talking.

1. Because you’ll observe unusual – yet exciting – group dynamics:

2. Because you’ll be able to add a unique gift idea to your Christmas or Hanukkah list:

3. Because you’ll bask in a moment where the United States Postal Service is relevant again:

4. Because you’ll see stunning performances by Ann Dowd, such as this one:

5. Because you’ll also enjoy a therapy session:

6. Because you’ll be able to imagine yourself on the other side of this flirty conversation with Justin Theroux:

7. Because you’ll see a former Dr. Who playing a Holy man:

8. Because you’ll be intrigued by what the aforementioned white-wearing group is planning:

9. Because you’ll be prepared for the finale everyone is talking about:

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