Binge-Watch The Leftovers With the Carver Twins: Episode 2

Max and Charlie Carver continue their binge-watch of Season 1 with the commentary below. Find the full run-down of their guide here.

Episode 2: "Penguin One, Us Zero"

Why do the teens follow Nora Durst?

Charlie: "The twins, if you notice in the pilot, never actually make it to the party. I don't think that we were "the cool kids," but the high school dynamics has changed because of the Departure. Our characters finally have the opportunity to talk to the edgy girls. In the second episode when we see Jill and Aimee again, it's maybe the beginning of a friendship and we're honored to be involved. We don't necessarily care that Nora has a gun, but we want other people to know that we care that they care. [Laughs.]

As a viewer, there's intrigue there. It's suburbia… How often do you a Suzie Homemaker carrying around a giant pistol? What does that gun mean? Is she scared? Is she going to kill someone? Is she angry? And I think as kids we just want to play detective and figure it out."

Max: "As a viewer, I find myself caring specifically about Jill. She's lost and angry. I think that Jill is trying to figure out the appropriate way to respond to what's going on in the world and in her world and how to deal with her feelings. I think that's why the character Nora is so intriguing – Nora is the example of loss, of a life that's been changed… so why is she running around with a gun?"

Frost Forecast

(Contains spoilers.)

Charlie: "The details are so essential to this show and they do come back. When you see the payoff of where they came from, it makes watching every episode worth watching a second time because you start to see how the groundwork was laid."

Max: "And Nora with the gun… that's the perfect example of a detail that pays off later."

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