Who Is The Leftovers’ True Prophet?


An academic at the DROP conference in “Guest” mentioned the “prophet’s dilemma” – a subtle reminder about the rise of prophets in the post-Departure world. References to prophets, in fact, have popped up regularly on The Leftovers. So, which of the show’s familiar faces has the potential to be a true prophet? We shall see, but a few competitors stand out to me currently.   

Here’s who I’ve got on my own personal prophet radar – and why.

Patti Levin
As quasi-leader of the Guilty Remnant, Patti is one of the most mysterious figures on The Leftovers. She has the ability to incite hate from viewers with a single look. The G.R. doesn’t seem to have traditional leadership. However, Patti is as close to a leader as we’re likely to see. If Patti was to blame for the martyrdom of Gladys, she may be more responsible for pulling the G.R.’s strings than any of us realize at this point. The G.R.’s mission is a prophetic warning. Could Patti Emerge as the single prophetic mouthpiece for the G.R.? We’ve already seen she isn’t afraid to speak in selected moments.

Rev. Matt Jamison
Rev. Matt Jamison has all the reasons in the world to despise the G.R. Thus far, he has only been compassionate towards them. Is this the authentic walking out of his Godly faith? Or a cover for his hidden war of destruction against the G.R.? Matt’s mini-sermon from The Gospel of Thomas could be a clue that he believes he’s hearing from God when it comes to his dealings with the G.R. A prophet who believes he is following God’s instructions could be capable of devious and devastating actions. What happens if Rev. Matt believes that God has turned his back on the G.R.? Matt could emerge as a prophetic voice about the dangers of the group, if he comes to believe they are evil. And, indeed, he could be right.

Holy Wayne
Holy Wayne seems like the obvious choice as the emerging prophet on the show. However, that could be exactly what we are supposed to think before the rug is pulled from under us. His hugs seem to have authentic power – or at least power over the human psyche. In many ways, he fits the mold of prophets of the past. He’s despised by the government, on the run for his own safety, and sustaining a small – but loyal – band of followers. However, there is the issue of the young girls. Wayne himself has stated that he’s seen his own impending death coming. Are these the words of a prophet or the rationalizations of a realist?

Kevin Garvey, Sr.
He’s the wildcard! In the previews for future episodes, we’ve seen Kevin Sr. playing a more significant role. We know, based on his son’s visit, that he’s had some crazy ideas in the past – but does that mean he’s wrong? We must consider the possibility that Kevin Sr. was on to “the truth” before anyone else. We should pay close attention to what he has to say and even more attention to who opposes him. It would be quite the poetic move by the show’s creators if the protagonist in our journey turned out to be the son of a prophet.

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