7 Mysteries That Must Be Addressed in The Leftovers Season 2

 It’s been a week since “The Prodigal Son Returns,” the Season 1 finale of The Leftovers, and I still can’t stop thinking about the series’ first 10 episodes. Here are the 10 Season 1 mysteries I hope get some attention in Season 2: 

The Car Full of Women Mystery
The women who drive up and mistake Kevin for someone else just before the manhole cover bursts open in “The Garveys at Their Best” made for a great deal of speculation among fans online. Despite the fact that we met them pre-Departure in the Episode 9 flashback, these women certainly give us some insight into who may have known what before the Departure occurred. One thing we learned in Season 1 was that the show’s creators don’t often give an event screen time unless they have plans to pay it off later. But what’ll that payoff be? Will these women somehow reappear in Kevin’s life?

The Magazine of Mystery
The May 1972 issue of National Geographic caused more discussion than almost any other mystery in the first 10 episodes of the show. We’ve seen a few connections and clues as to why Kevin, Sr. insisted that his son “accept” the magazine and delve into the mysteries of the publication. But do we have the full picture yet? Hardly. Kevin, Sr. seemed to indicate that a great deal of great importance lies waiting within the crispy pages. In the final episode of the season, “The Prodigal Son Returns,” we see Kevin thumbing through the magazine while in the psychiatric facility. Though the sequence turned out to be a dream (right?), we can’t overlook the fact that the National Geographic is still in Kevin’s subconscious. He hasn’t forgotten his father’s admonition. I predict that we haven’t seen the last of this edition of National Geographic. I’ll be watching for it in the second season.

The Mystery of Kevin’s Dual Lives
Should Kevin be committed to that psychiatric care facility? Is he a man who’s lost his grip on reality? A man with a personality that only comes to life when he sleeps? An evil Hyde who we only see when he’s Dr. Jekyll? While the tension between these possibilities carried us nicely through Season 1, we will likely need some clarity in order to move forward with Kevin in Season 2.

The Mystery of Rev. Matt Jamison
Matt Jamison has established himself as easily one of the most likable characters on the show. But does he have an ulterior motive? Is he all he’s cracked up to be? We’ve seen shadows of his dark side. How long can Matt keep up his mission to redeem the G.R.? How long can he take inspiration from Job before he insists on a restoration of his own? Season 2 will likely bring more complication for Matt. I wonder if he will make the lives of Mapleton’s residents more complicated…or more clear?

The Mystery of Disappearing Friends
Will we see more of Amy in Season 2? She seems to have disappeared near the end of the first season. Will the Garvey’s need Amy again? More specifically, will Jill’s new perspective show her how much she needs her friend? Amy might not be an angel of assistance. Now that Kevin and Nora appear to have a chance at furthering their relationship, will Amy reappear bringing a new female tension to Kevin’s life – and an opponent for Nora’s intentions? Speaking of disappearing friends, has Kevin really seen the last of Dean? Was their encounter in “Cairo” the death nail in an otherwise budding friendship? I predict we will encounter Dean again – likely at a moment when Kevin needs him most.  

The Mystery Child
Will one of Wayne’s children indeed be “the one”? Will Christine appear at an opportune moment to reclaim her child from Nora? This would certainly destroy Nora, who likely couldn’t handle losing another child. Will Wayne’s followers come searching for the child – either to worship or destroy the baby? One thing we can be confident of: This child will likely play a significant role in the second season.

The Mystery of the Beasts
Just what did those dogs and deer symbolize throughout the season? Will Season 2 give us clarity on who they are? Will we see them again? The feral dog that stayed with the Garvey’s seems to have been tamed…for now. Will angered dogs take back the streets of the city? Will Dean be needed for “population control”? Or will new animals descend on Mapleton with mysterious messages?

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