Bald Move and The Guilty Remnant Podcast Preview 'The Prodigal Son Returns'

The Season 1 finale of The Leftovers is right around the corner – airing this Sunday, Sept. 7, at 10 p.m. What to do while you wait? Why not listen to some prediction-filled podcasts.

In anticipation of Sunday's big event, Watching The Leftovers enlisted the minds at Bald Move and The Guilty Remnant Podcast to spin a little about what could be to come on Sunday's episode "The Prodigal Son Returns." The results of their chats are below, which are worth a listen.

Bald Move
A.Ron and Jim have been releasing a podcast after every episode of The Leftovers this season. According to their own description, in this episode, the pair "break down the preview trailer, discuss some popular internet and fan theories for what will happen, make our own predictions, and then ponder what burning questions we want addressed."

The Guilty Remnant Podcast
Described as "a weekly podcast dedicated to the HBO original show The Leftovers," The Guilty Remnant Podcast is hosted by Dylan Schuck and Tiffany Tomaszewski. In this special edition, they've enlisted Watching The Leftover's most prolific contributor John Bucher to weigh in, too.