All About Jarden, Texas: 10 Notes on The Leftovers New Setting

This was revealed a while back, but The Leftovers is moving to a new location—Jarden, Texas—for its second season. What do we know about this new place? I powered through all the trailers out there, ones like this and this, to see what I could learn about Jarden. Here are 10 takeaways I discovered.

1. Jarden is inside Miracle National Park.

The importance of Miracle National Park has yet to be revealed to us. However, it would appear that there’s significance in more than just the name. Or is there? Is the miracle that no one from Jarden was taken in the Sudden Departure? Is the miracle something that occurred there before anyone had interest in the city? Or is the true miracle something that has yet to occur within it’s grounds?

2. The population was 9,261 before the Departure.

Something about this number seems significant. It seems that the town’s population could have grown immensely since word got out that no departures occurred there. Has the town only become a tourist attraction, as the sales of t-shirts would suggest, or are droves of people coming to Jarden seeking something more than just a change of scenery? 

3. There were zero departures in the city.

Could it be just coincidence? If so, why are people so drawn to the town’s borders? Is Jarden the only city in the world with no departures? If the trailers for this season tell us anything, there’s something mysterious and potentially wonderful about this place. Will its secrets be immediately revealed? Or will all only be uncovered after it’s too late for the inhabitants?

4. Jarden is a place for fresh starts.

We see people traveling to the city from near and far. Of course, Kevin and Jill are clearly new residents, as is Nora. However, from what I can tell, new neighbors are commonplace in Jarden. Even Rev. Matt Jamison and his wife, Mary, appear to have moved there, which leads us to the fact that… 

5. ...Rev. Matt Jamison has called it a “special place.”

Matt does seem to have special insight into the forces of good and evil. If he is calling Jarden special, it must be because he has seen something or heard something that led him to this conclusion. Could this have been a message from something or someone beyond? 

6. There appears to be a tent city outside of town.

Are the people camped outside of Jarden there because there is no room in the city or are they refusing to take up permanent shelter, perhaps believing another departure is imminent? Whatever their motivation, we know one thing: Anytime you put a group of people together in such close proximity, there’s bound to be conflict.

7. Town elders have called it a chosen place: “the Jarden of Eden.”

Apparently, some residents from Jarden have known there was something unique about the town for a long time. In one trailer, we hear Erika Murphy saying that her grandmother used to tell her the place was chosen. But chosen for what? Has the significance of Jarden already been realized since no one from there was taken in the Sudden Departure? Or is the reason it was chosen still yet to be revealed? 

8. Religion is active there.

In one of the trailers for this season, we can clearly see the presence of a church in the town that the Murphys attend. It also looks as though Rev. Matt Jamison might have found a new congregation in the city as well. Are the religious communities of Jarden as confused about the Departure as those in Mapleton were...or do they have an answer? Are they at odds with anyone, like say, the Guilty Remnant? 

9. Jarden is diverse.

Mapleton, New York, was not completely Caucasian. However, it looks as though it was nowhere nearly as racially diverse as Jarden, Texas, is. Do racial differences or traditions ever come into play? While Jarden might be a special place, we have to remember it is in Texas—a state that’s no stranger to tensions. 

10. Everything may not be as ideal as it appears.

It’s hard to put my finger on exactly what it is. But something is amiss in Jarden. There looks to be a town watchmen perched above the buildings. Who is he? What mysteries is he aware of that we are not? If Season 1 was any indication, we can bet that nothing is truly as it appears in this town. Every episode promises to deliver layer after layer of insight into why the Garveys have come here and why perhaps they shouldn’t have.

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