The Cast Breaks Down the Garveys’ Big Move

The yin to the Season 2 premiere’s yang, the second episode “A Matter of Geography,” documented how the Garvey family went from Mapleton to Miracle. Watching The Leftovers chatted with the show’s cast at the red carpet premiere about the episode’s action, enticing stars Carrie Coon, Justin Theroux and Margaret Qualley weigh in on what’s up with Nora, Kevin, Jill and the Garvey family as a whole.

Between feeding baby Lily and welcoming Nora into the family, Jill seems happier than ever—at least in the post-Departure world. But is she really OK, as she tells Tom? “I think she really wants to be OK,” Qualley said. “She’s putting on a brave face and trying to get her life back together. She’s finding this sense of security within her family and building it herself.”

As for Jill’s dad Kevin, Qualley showed concern for the character. “Jill really wants her dad to be happy and commit to this family,” the actress emphasized. “She’s really trying to make sure they’re on the same team.”

Actor Carrie Coon shared concern for Kevin, too—specially for Kevin and Nora. “They hardly know each other,” Coon exclaimed. “Not only has she found a baby and picked up her life and moved away with this man, but he’s also having some serious issues. And wherever you go, there you are. You can leave Mapleton, but they bring themselves with them.” How are these issues manifesting in the relationship? “Nora really needs stability and safety and he is incapable of providing that for her right now,” Coon added. “Girl’s got to look out for No. 1.”

As viewers saw, the Garvey family’s stability came from an unlikely place: Kevin Garvey Sr. Watching The Leftovers quizzed series co-creator Damon Lindelof about what grandpa might be up to in Australia. “I know exactly what he’s doing,” Lindelof teased. “We’ll get some sense of it later in the season. We haven’t seen the last of Kevin Sr.”

As for Kevin Garvey Jr., actor Justin Theroux said he had no other choice but to leave Mapleton. “There’s no anchor,” Theroux said, “or reason to stay anymore.”

Theroux called the move “a huge leap of faith” for Kevin and Nora’s relationship. “I think once you have a baby involved there’s something that gels whatever the dynamic is. It was Kevin’s wish to have that family,” Theroux explained, “so in a weird way it’s like, be careful what you wish for—because even though you’re leaving Mapleton you’re also bringing all your problems with you. You’re infecting this town with all your disorders.”

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