A Look Back: The Departure & The Guilty Remnant

Season 2 of The Leftovers starts this Sunday, Oct. 4. A variety of trailers (here’s one!) and a Season 1 recap have been released, but looking for a reminder about the Departure in general? Co-creator Damon Lindelof takes you back in the first installment of our The Leftovers: A Look Back video series, focusing specifically on the Departure and the Guilty Remnant. 

“Three years before this show started, on Oct. 14, two percent of the world’s population vanished without explanation,” Lindelof reminds in the video. “Everybody on the planet was deeply confused and horrified by this event, particularly if you lost someone in your own family. For three years, the world was trying to kind of understand this thing.” 

Lindelof continues his education in the video, which you can watch below: