The Cast Weighs In: Who Are the Murphys?

On Saturday, Oct. 3, the cast and creators of The Leftovers stepped out of Miracle and into Austin’s historic Paramount Theater for the red carpet premiere celebrating Season 2. Watching The Leftovers was on the scene and got the breakdown about one of the episode’s biggest question: Who are the Murphys?

Emmy-winning actor Regina King described her character Erika as “a woman who loves her family like a lioness.” King teased, however, that although she “seems to have it all together, she may not have it as together as one might think.”

As for Erika’s daughter Evie, “She’s free spirit,” explained newcomer Jasmin Savoy Brown. “She’s got angst. She’s intelligent. She’s a leader in her community.” Like King, though, Brown provided an ominous qualifier: “But you don’t exactly know what’s going on in her mind. She likes to take risks and push the envelope.”

Compared to his twin sister Evie, “Michael is the one that’s straight laced, the goody-goody,” says actor Jovan Adepo. “He’s a Christian follower, and he stays with his faith no matter what.”

The twins’ father is John Murphy, played by Kevin Carroll. John’s on-screen intro came when his wife piled a stack of books on his chest while snoozing. What’s with the deep sleeping? “I believe that we work out parts of our lives when we’re sleeping,” noted Carroll, “and John has a lot to work out at the moment.”

John also drew the attention of Kevin Garvey—when he mentioned he was in jail for attempted murder. “Kevin, being an ex-cop, is onto that,” Justin Theroux explained. “There’s not necessarily a built-in trust, but Kevin has his own problems.” Kevin’s partner Nora also has her reservations about her new neighbors. “They seem very together,” noted Carrie Coon, “but Nora has a very loud little voice in her that’s telling her that not everything is as it seems. She’s got good instincts, that Nora Durst.” 

Most of the Murphy clan is on the fence about the Garveys, the actors explained. “I think out of all the Murphys, Michael’s the one that’s going to take the longest in creating his idea of who they are as people,” said Adepo of his character. “I don’t know if John’s made up his mind absolutely about them,” Carroll noted. Erika “doesn’t know what’s up with them. Like, who is this family?” King said, with a laugh. “Of course she’d liked to know, but she likes to keep to herself and keep her family to herself.”  

Evie, according to Brown, may have a different take on the Garveys: “She can see through them,” the actor said.

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