Justin Theroux on Why He Loves Patti Levin

Did you find yourself sympathizing with Patti Levin after Sunday's episode? You're not alone—actor Justin Theroux shares your emotional 180:

"When the penny dropped for me as far as what she is, that she's essentially a child, it was just heartbreaking. Immediately you can love Patti for the first time. It was an incredible piece of writing. You realize that she's not this nonsensical, heartless bitch—there is a reason why she doesn't speak, a reason why she wants people to die. It's because she's emotionally handicapped by what's been done to her by others. She's essentially a villain for 18 episodes, and then she becomes the most endearing character—at least for me—of all two seasons. I just loved those scenes in the well and thought it was such an incredible, inventive turn."