Artist Andy Paroff Makes Season 2 Minimalist Poster Series 'Less Bleak, More Mysterious'

Just like artist Pablo Martin, another artist—Andy Paroff—is again creating pieces inspired by the new season of The Leftovers, much like he did last season

While similar in some ways, Paroff notes that he went in a new direction with the style to reflect the second season's tone. "As with the new opening sequence, the style of the posters has changed to represent the slightly less ominous, more exciting tone of the second season," Paroff explains. "Overall, I've been working on simplifying the images while letting the contrast between the bright colors and the dark oblivion of the stars tell more of the story each poster. The slightly less bleak and more mysterious tone of the new season is awesome, and it has been really fun trying to match those themes with the graphics this year."

Find Paroff's output—and some explanations for his artistic decisions—below.

Episode 1: "Axis Mundi"
"John's handprint in the first episode was extremely interesting to me. John is clearly someone who dislikes anything mystical, and even punishes the fortune teller for peddling false hope, yet his fortune immediately comes true. Is Miracle the kind of place where things like fortune-telling can really happen? Or is it all just one big coincidence?"

Episode 2: "A Matter of Geography"
"Kevin's headphones are a great depiction of his deteriorating mental stability. At first, we think he is wearing the headphones to drown out the sound of the crying baby, but it is later revealed he's using them to ignore the persistent heckling of (the ghost of?) Patti. He's traveling down an extremely interesting path that parallels what got his father into the psych ward."

Episode 3: "Off Ramp" 
 "This one was difficult, especially due to the nature of scene, but Tom's handcuffs really represented the direness of the situation he finds himself in over the course of this episode. Fighting the Guilty Remnant from the inside, only to be discovered (and with the whistles his father introduced to the cult last season, no less!) and attacked by Meg, created an interesting story."

Episode 4: "Orange Sticker" 
"When Kevin finally breaks down and speaks with Patti, they talk about the cinder block Kevin finds tied around his ankle. Is Patti correct in her telling of events? Or is her presence just giving voice to Kevin's instability? Either way, the cinder block is a storyline I'm extremely interested in this season."

Episode 5: "No Room at the Inn"
"Matt's journey throughout this episode is tense, yet instead of celebrating his victory, he willingly exiles himself to the stockade for the salvation of a complete stranger. What I really liked about this episode is the exploration of the completely wild encampment outside of Miracle. The people there each made the pilgrimage for their own reasons but they all find themselves stuck in this refugee camp. What is life like there? This episode does a good job exploring that."