10 Reasons Season 3 is Needed

1. Our Questions About Australia Remain Unanswered

Throughout Season 2, we’ve been teased about the significance of Australia in the Sudden Departure. Kevin Garvey, Sr., is so convinced about this, he moved there. The man who lives on top of the pillar in Jarden sent mail there. There were television reports about a captured cult leader there. We need to know exactly what’s going on Down Under.

2. Meg is Now A Super Villain

No character brought more surprises this season than Meg. She has turned the G.R. upside down with new rules and insane tactics, and it feels like she is just getting started. Now that we’ve seen what she is capable of, the possibilities of what she will become are endless. Will she be content turning Jarden upside down? It’s doubtful…

3. The Murphy’s Have Some Explaining to Do

John and Erika Murphy fascinated fans and critics alike this season. But how well do we really know them? It feels like perhaps we’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg. Both of these characters have layers that go much deeper than what we’ve seen this season. We need to know more about their backstories and exactly what makes them tick.

4. How Will Jarden handle The Guilty Remnant and the Tourist Industry?

Meg’s evil plan has turned what was once a Miracle into Sodom and Gomorrah. Are the G.R. there to stay? Will they move on to another city? Now that they have shed so many of the tenets that they held dear, where will they stop? Will tourists still flock to Jarden after this latest development? Will the G.R. prey on the tourists? We need answers.

5. What Will Happen With Laurie and Tommy’s Following?

Laurie and Tommy’s scheme to follow in Holy Wayne’s hugging footsteps can’t be without consequences. Wayne still seems to be paying for his deeds in the purgatory hotel that Kevin visited. Will the government or their followers not expect retribution or at least answers from Laurie and Tommy? Their mistakes have not yet been fully addressed.

6. Evie Murphy Is One of The Most Captivating Characters On Television

Jasmin Savoy Brown had us from the moment she stepped on screen in the first episode of Season 2. Rarely does a character that only bookends the season with screen time have such an impact. The lengths that Evie went to in order to make a point to her hometown reveal depths about this woman that we have not began to discover. What sway does she possess that she could convince her friends to follow her into the G.R.? May I be the first to suggest an entire season based around Evie?

7. Meg and Tommy Have Unfinished Business

Too much happened between Meg and Tommy this season to leave their story in the camp outside Jarden. There is a mixture of love, hate and strong passion floating between them. Meg might be finished with Tommy, but it’s doubtful that Tommy is finished with Meg. He’s seen who she is. He’s seen what she is capable of. Certainly, he can’t just let that go.

8. Will Michael and Jill Discover A New Bond?

When Jill left Michael alone in the church, cursing him and his beliefs, we had solid evidence of how much she cared. The fact that she came to him in the first place tells us something about what was between them. Michael is going to need someone strong after what he and his belief structure have endured this season. Could Jill be that strong woman?

9. How Will Nora, Laurie and Kevin Sort Out the Garvey Family?

One of the most powerful images of the season was seeing Kevin return home to see Laurie, Nora, Jill, Tommy and the rest of his extended family together in one room. This was a beautiful moment of unity. However, it’s doubtful the moment can last. How will Kevin, Nora and Laurie sort out their issues? Will the Jamisons’ coming baby affect this at all? Will Jill and Tommy maintain their allegiances to only one of their parents? Common sense would say there is more conflict coming to that family than ever before.

10. There is Nothing Like The Leftovers on TV

We’ve never been on a journey like the one Damon Lindelof, Tom Perrotta and their team have been orchestrating. The more of this story that unfolds, the further we seem to venture into uncharted territory. There are plenty of shows that give us slices of life we are familiar with. We can’t afford to lose an original voice in the story world. We need the third season of The Leftovers and we need it soon.

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