Artist Creates Character Art After ‘Visceral Reaction’ to Watching The Leftovers

This season of The Leftovers was a beautiful piece of filmmaking. I've never seen anything like it on TV before. The acting, in particular, and the characters this year really left a mark on me. I had a visceral reaction watching some of the scenes, the characters are so convincing, so memorable, I was really inspired to get that on paper. So I would draw while I watched the show, and these are some of the portraits I made, as a tribute to the characters I love so much.

1. “Kevin Garvey” - This portrait’s kind of a mix inspired by the sparrows flying through the lobby in “International Asassin” and Kevin getting shot in the chest in the finale. Justin Theroux is so expressive he just begs to be drawn, so this was fun. I guess the dead sparrow/live sparrow represents his descent into purgatory, fighting between life and death. 

2. “Tom Garvey” – Tom’s“Who wants a hug?” speech as the new Holy Wayne at the end of ep 3 is one of my favorite moments this whole season. I kept re-watching that scene, it’s so good!! So this is my version of Tom’s “apotheosis.” Like the birth of the new Tommy.

3. “Jill Garvey” – I found that Jill was so strong this season, while everyone around her was falling apart—like she carries around the weight of the world on her shoulders even though she’s a kid and somehow she survives. She’s so direct and her gaze so unflinching, so I wanted to capture that here.

4. “Erika Murphy” – The scene between Nora and Erika in the episode 6 is one of THE BEST written/performed scenes I’ve ever seen— and Regina King is soooo good and fierce and her face! Too beautiful. I drew the rock through the window kind of representing the fractured world that Erika lives in—and how broken her heart is after Evie dissapeared.

5. “Evie Murphy” – I really wanted to capture Evie’s blank stare on the bridge—how brainwashed she’s become. How vibrant and loving and full of life she was before she dissappeared, and how different she is now. The moment that her mother asks “Why are you doing this?” and writes back “You Understand” really broke my heart.

6. “Meg Abbott” – Meg was definitely the most mysterious to me—ever since she first reappeared and accosted Tommy in the trailer I kept wondering what was going on in her head. She’s turned into such an evil character and yet I kept asking myself—what is she thinking, what’s her plan? So that was the moment I chose for this portrait.