Season 2 Finale: Five Predictions

As we eagerly await the season finale installment of what I believe to be the best show on television, I find myself attempting to predict what will happen in the season closer. I then subsequently laugh at myself for even trying because—like many of you—I can never guess what the opening shot, final shot or any shot in between will be of this gorgeous drama. Nevertheless, here are my guesses in regards to the season finale.

1. John Will Open Evie’s Gift

In the first half of the season, we were teased with what this little package would contain. John, up until now, has refused to know its contents but as a father desperately seeking his lost daughter, I believe his curiosity will overcome him.

2. Meg Will Destroy the Gates and Let Everyone Into Jarden

“It must be hard...not knowing what’s gonna happen next.” Meg uttered these words to Tom in “Ten Thirteen.” However, despite my struggling to predict week-on-week what will occur, Megan seems hell bent on revealing the people of Miracle’s mentality as downright nonsense. The way to destroy that state of mind? Break down the town’s conveniently strict security.

3. Nora Will Meet Tom

Nora is not in the best state of mind at the moment—what with her partner revealing that he could see a dead woman and being labeled as a lens. I believe that if Tom could reassure Nora about how special Wayne was and Lily is, she would emerge from the darkness that is currently consuming her.

4. Mary’s Baby May Die...But Her And Matt’s Hopes for a Child Will Not

I think Mary’s baby may die (that is if she doesn’t wake up), but I think that Matt will have an epiphany and decide to adopt the young boy he encountered in “No Room at the Inn”—the fatherless, hopeless boy he introduced to John before exiting Miracle.

5. Meg Will Discover She is Pregnant

I like to think that just as she infiltrates Miracle and rips its thought processes to the ground, she experiences a miracle herself and finds out that she is pregnant with what would have to be Tom’s child. That would change her view on everything.

There are many more things I would love to conspire as to what the season finale would provide but I would be writing forever. My friend Oliver and I have been spinning endless theories and still gasping at the end of each episode. So with that in mind, I think I’ll just wait, enjoy and...just let the mystery be.

Champion is a blogger and budding TV writer who was just awarded the Warner Brothers Scholarship by Leavesden Studios. He blogs and is on Twitter.