The Guilty Remnant Podcast Previews Finale 'I Live Here Now'


The Season 2 finale of The Leftovers is right around the corner—airing this Sunday, Dec. 6, at 9 p.m. How to fill the time before the big debut? How about listen to a podcast filled with some thoughts about what's around the corner in Miracle.

The fine folks over at the Guilty Remnant Podcast chew the fat in anticipation of "I Live Here Now," making 20 predictions about what could happen in the episode. (The Guilty Remnant Podcast did this last year, too, as featured right here on Watching the Leftovers.)

Included in the podcast discussion are regulars Dylan Schuck and Tiffany Tomazweski alongside guests John Bucher (a Watching the Leftovers regular guest blogger) and Franziska Beck.

Enjoy the group's musings here: