Did You Catch the Two Totally Different, Almost Identical Season 3 Scenes?

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The Leftovers may have aired its last episode in June, but fan theories surrounding the show’s nuances continue to circulate the web.

One superfan in particular, Jonas Fontaine, noticed some startling shot-by-shot comparisons throughout the final season, namely Episode 3 “Crazy Whitefella Thinking” and series finale “The Book of Nora.”

Fontaine, who focused on the emotional monologues of Grace Playford (Lindsay Duncan) in Episode 3 and of Nora Durst (Carrie Coon) in the last scene of the show, discovered that nearly every close-up and edit between the two are “almost identical.” Both women, in their respective scenes, are speaking to the Garvey men — Grace to Kevin, Sr. (Scott Glenn) and Nora to Kevin (Justin Theroux) — about their experiences with their long-lost family members. To convey his observation, Fontaine edited both scenes and set them side by side. Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments below. Contains series finale spoilers.

Every episode of The Leftovers is available to stream on HBO.