5 Ways Season 3 Might Circle Back To Where Season 1 Began

How does a show as wonderfully complex and nuanced as The Leftovers end its story? With a bang? With a new mystery? By finally providing closure to all who lost friends and family in the Sudden Departure? Here are five ways the creators of The Leftovers might choose to complete the circle they began in the first season.

1.  Another Departure could occur.

It’s been discussed by numerous characters throughout the series. What if another departure occurred? Who might depart this time? How would that impact those left behind twice? Would a second departure give any insight to the first? Could a better pattern be identified as to who departed and who did not, based on comparisons?

2. The Garveys might end up as fragmented as they began.

When we first meet Kevin Garvey, his wife has left the family to join the GR. His son has left the family to follow Holy Wayne. Only he and his daughter remain. But Jill is on her own journey, and he ends up losing her, in a sense, in the first season, as well. While Season 2 ended with the Garveys reunited in many ways — clinging to each other amidst the confusion that surrounded them — it’s likely some difficult challenges will lie ahead if they are to remain together. Laurie might be able to accept Kevin’s relationship with Nora, but even if she does, will their children be able to move forward in a way that gives everyone peace?
3. We might be left with only questions.

The creators of The Leftovers made it clear from the beginning that some of our biggest questions about the Departure and the mysteries that surround it might never be answered. Along the way, we’ve been given small insights and clues about the lives and world that the show takes place in. New mysteries have risen and others have simply faded away. There might not be a metaphorical period when the final episode of the series airs — but a simple question mark instead.

4. The Garveys could return to Mapleton.

Many good journeys end by returning home. The reasons why various members of the Garvey family ended up in Jarden vary. However, bringing everyone back to Mapleton for equally varied reasons would bring the show full circle. The characters could return to a new “normal,” with all the many lessons they’ve learned and truths they’ve discovered along the way.

5. The Departed could return.

While it might be a long shot, it is possible that those that Departed could return. Perhaps on an anniversary of the initial departure? Would they know where they had been? Would they have insight as to why they were taken? Would they be just as clueless as everyone else? Would they have aged? One thing we’ve certainly learned from the first two seasons of the show is that the creators are not afraid to defy conventions and the expectations of the audience. Having the departed return would likely create just as many questions as it would provide answers — a move that seems on par with the show thus far.

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