7 Lingering Questions We Hope Will be Answered in Season 3

Part of the fun with The Leftovers has been guessing at which setups will be paid off and what questions will get thorough (or even brief) answers. At the end of Season 2, there was a certain, yet temporary, completion to Kevin’s journey, both physically and psychologically — and yet so much rich material remained to be mined. Dozens of issues were left unaddressed. While we certainly shouldn’t expect answers about every detail of minutiae, here are seven questions that deserve answers in the final season of The Leftovers.
1. How will the Murphys move forward?

John, Erika, Michael and Evie Murphy fascinated fans and critics alike in Season 2. But the events that invaded their lives seem to be sending them all in very different directions. These characters have layers that go much deeper than we’ve yet seen. Can they find a path forward to unite their family, or will they splinter like the Garveys once did?
2. How will Nora, Laurie and Kevin sort out the Garvey family?

One of the most powerful images of Season 2 was seeing Kevin return home to see Laurie, Nora, Jill, Tommy and the rest of his extended family together in one room. This was a beautiful moment of unity. However, it’s doubtful the moment can last. How will Kevin, Nora, and Laurie sort out their issues? Will Tommy and Jill be forced to side with one of their parents? Common sense would say there is more conflict coming to that family than ever before.
3. Will Meg get her comeuppance?

Meg Abbott turned the GR upside down with new rules and the tactics of a supervillain. It feels like she is just getting started. No character brought more surprises in Season 2 than hers. Now that we’ve seen what she is capable of, the possibilities of what she will become are endless. Will she reap the whirlwind? Can anyone or anything stop her? Will the GR, that she now leads, be content to remain in Jarden, or do they have bigger, and perhaps more diabolical, plans in mind?
4. How will the Jamisons coming baby change their lives?

If it weren’t enough to see Mary Jamison restored to coherence in Season 2, we also learned she and Matt had become pregnant. How will this change their lives? Will this woman who spent so much time in a debilitated state be able to navigate the treacherous waters of motherhood? Matt has always been a man with a cause: Will his focus move to his new baby or will he find a new issue to champion?
5. Which mysterious details from Seasons 1 and 2 will matter in Season 3?

Will there be more earthquakes? What animals will play a role in the symbolism of the story? More deer? More birds? More goats? More dogs? The actor who played Larry on Perfect Strangers was accused of faking his own departure and then spotted in Mexico. Will he be mentioned again in Season 3? Will the thread about him become more significant?
6. Will Kevin die in Season 3?

We have seen Kevin shot at point blank range. We’ve seen him buried. We’ve seen him “killed” more than once. We’ve even seen him in some sort of purgatory hotel. Will he experience death again in Season 3? Will he return to the chaotic purgatory he previously found himself inside of? Who might meet him there, and what meaning could come of all his strange experiences?
7. How does Australia fit into the story?

We’ve continually been given hints that Australia is important to the unfolding story of The Leftovers. Throughout Season 2, we were teased about its significance. Kevin Garvey, Sr. is so convinced of this, he’s moving there. The man who lives on top of the pillar in Jarden is sending mail to a man named David Burton there. There are television reports about a false cult leader there, as well. We need to know exactly what’s going on down under.

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