Binge-Watch The Leftovers With the Carver Twins: Episode 3

Max and Charlie Carver continue their binge-watch of Season 1 with the commentary below. Find the full run-down of their guide here.

Episode 3: "Two Boats and a Helicopter"

What should viewers read into the gambling scene?

Max: "I love the story of a man who's holding fast to a belief system that doesn't make sense anymore. I love how we find out how he wins – we cut to his face and he just gets this little smile. It was like that first win in the series. Of course, everything falls apart afterwards, but I was so excited when he won at the casino! I think I went gambling shortly thereafter! I would not recommend playing Roulette. I'm a slot machine guy. I'm like an old lady."

Charlie: "There has always been this question on this show: Is the supernatural real? Or are people just making meaning of odd things happening around them? This was the first time that we saw a character actually decide to follow their supernatural or spiritual instinct and interpret odd moments around them as signs from a higher power. That's what made the gambling scene even more stressful. As a viewer you go, "Oh my gosh, is there a supernatural hand at work and is every little odd thing, every animal, every little sign out there from a higher power?"

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