Binge-Watch The Leftovers With the Carver Twins: Episode 5

Max and Charlie Carver continue their binge-watch of Season 1 with the commentary below. Find the full run-down of their guide here.

Episode 5: "Gladys"

Upon first viewing, who did you initially suspect as Gladys' killers?

Charlie: "I felt like the initial suspect is Matt Jamison, because it's such a biblical act and done right after he's lost his church to the Guilty Remnant. But then you go, "No, that's too obvious." Then there's those other characters in that episode too – the man who stops by Kevin's car and speaks poorly about the G.R. But I didn't know. I had no idea until reading later scripts…"

Max: "It was Gary F*cking Busey."

What did Patti leave in the white bag?

Charlie: "Any time somebody puts a bag on a porch, I usually think it's poop. I don't usually take leftovers from a diner, but I didn't necessarily know who Neil was…"

Max: "The Guilty Remnant is supposed to have no worldly attachments, right? They're supposed to be free from feeling, their past life and reminders. But, if I was in the Guilty Remnant, I would probably leave a bag of poop on my brother's porch."

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