Binge-Watch The Leftovers With the Carver Twins: Episode 6

Max and Charlie Carver continue their binge-watch of Season 1 with the commentary below. Find the full run-down of their guide here.

Episode 6: "Guest"

What struck you from this episode?

Max: "I love how the details from earlier episodes all add up. Nora with the gun is a perfect example. We initially were like: Why does she have a gun? Then you get later on to Episode 6 and I was like, "What the… !?" She's getting shot in her living room. What's interesting to me though is: Why does she carry it around with her? It's like a totem. Out of all things, this gun is what gives her comfort. Maybe it's a control thing."

Charlie: "The details are so essential to this show and they do come back. When you see the payoff of where they came from it makes watching every episode worth watching a second time because you start to see how the groundwork was laid."

Frost Forecast

Charlie: "There's an empty paper towel roll left on the paper towel rack, and it was something I noticed watching the episode. That's a detail that comes back."

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