Binge-Watch The Leftovers With the Carver Twins: Episode 9

Max and Charlie Carver continue their binge-watch of Season 1 with the commentary below. Find the full run-down of their guide here.

Episode 9: "The Garveys at Their Best"

If the Depature hadn't occurred, would the frost twins be friends with Tom Garvey?

Max: "Oh, for sure!"

Charlie: "Pre-Departure? Yeah we'd probably kick it. Smoke some blunts."

Max: "Actually I don't even think we smoked weed before the Departure. Charlie and I have been trying to figure this one out. When we had our final auditions with [executive producer] Pete Berg and Damon [Lindelof], Charlie and I were asked all kinds of question, one of which was: What would it be like losing someone in your family? Going into the show we felt that we got beat up by this Departure pretty bad. Then we go there and were told, 'You two just have fun.' "

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Do you have any message for fans going into the finale?

Charlie: "Hold each other tight!"

Max: "This is what you've been waiting for."

The Season 1 finale of The Leftovers airs on Sunday, September 7 at 10pm ET.