Damon Lindelof Teases Episode 9 As The One ‘In Which We Do What We Said We Weren’t Gonna’

As the latest Leftovers teaser tells us, there are “only 2 episodes left” this season. But so much more is teased in that video: Kevin seems to be missing and John is looking for him; Meg returns...possibly with a big plan; and we’re ominously told: “Not every miracle…is a blessing.”

To that mix of teases for this Sunday’s installment “Ten Thirteen," we’d add that co-creator Damon Lindelof exclusive told Watching the Leftovers that this episode is the one “in which we do what we said we weren’t gonna.”

What’s he mean? With Lindelof, we’re never really too sure, but see if you can make heads or tails of his cryptic words while watching the latest tease (yet) again:

Tom Perrotta Teases Episode 8: ‘Business Traveler’

The next episode of The Leftovers, titled “International Assassin,” is cloaked in mystery...but Watching the Leftovers has a tiny tidbit to whet your appetite in advance: Co-creator Tom Perrotta teases the hour with the words “business traveler.”

Who’s that business traveler? What do they have to do with the upcoming episode? We’re not entirely sure, but watch the new “In the Week Ahead” trailer for The Leftovers to see what you can glean.

Tom Perrotta Teases Episode 7: ‘We Jump the Shark’

We’ve been rolling out episodic teases from co-creators Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta here on Watching The Leftovers each week, but this week’s tee-up of episode 7, titled “A Most Powerful Adversary,” may be the juiciest one yet: Perrotta ominously says that this episode is “the one where we jump the shark.”

What now? Who knows...that’s why it’s a tease. Below, explore the “A Most Powerful Adversary” preview—which focuses on Kevin and his continuing break with reality—to see if you can figure out how The Leftovers, according to Perrotta, is going to “jump the shark.”

Damon Lindelof Teases Episode 5: ‘What’s It Like Outside the Pearly Gates?’

As we near the halfway point of The Leftovers Season 2, the show’s plot is only thickening—and this Sunday, that plot concerns mostly one person: Rev. Matt Jamison. Series co-creator Damon Lindelof previewed the episode—titled “No Room at the Inn”—to Watching The Leftovers with another of his cryptic teases, saying, “What’s it like outside the pearly gates?”

Hmmm...interesting. Read into that what you will, and ruminate on his words even more as you watch the preview for “No Room at the Inn” after the jump.

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