Illustrating The Leftovers: “The Book of Kevin”

The Leftovers is back with a compelling new season and alludes to the ultimate mystery: Is Kevin Garvey the Jesus of this story? Can he die? Or, perhaps most importantly: Does he know he’s the second-coming and is choosing to accept his destiny?
In Season 1, prior to The Sudden Departure, Kevin Garvey, Sr. told his son, “Every man rebels against the idea that this is f**kin' it... You have no greater purpose because it is enough.” But Kevin’s journey to “the other place,” as Michael Murphy calls it, challenges this very notion. 

Flash forward to the here and now: Matt, Michael, John and Dean believe that Kevin has a greater purpose… And they want him to accept it. In the final moments of the Season 3 premiere, we see Kevin struggle with a choice — to burn or not to burn “The Book of Kevin” — a metaphor, perhaps, for his losing faith in himself. But does he believe he’s something special?

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