The Leftovers Cast on How to Prepare for the Final Season

At the “gray carpet” premiere for the third and final season of The Leftovers, the cast, crew and creators offered some insider tips on how to prepare—both literally and emotionally—for the last batch of episodes premiering on Sunday April 16.

Damon Lindelof (Co-creator, executive producer)
“If you’ve made it this far, fasten your seatbelts. This show is a bit wackier than it traditionally has been in the past. We weren’t afraid to be weird or out there. So give us the benefit of the doubt—it’s all leading to something.” 

Amy Brenneman (“Laurie Garvey”)
“Pray. The season is full of all the best kinds of things that we like to do—Damon and the writers got more confident so pay attention! You’re probably going to need to watch episodes more than once. You’re probably going to watch the season more than once. But it’s deeply intellectually and emotionally satisfying.”

Jovan Adepo (“Michael Murphy”)
“You can’t prepare for the end of the world. Just brace yourself the best way you can for this season.” 

Margaret Qualley (“Jill Garvey”)
“I need to get prepared, myself! I didn’t get to go to Australia so I don’t really know what happens. But I’m excited because now I just get to be a regular fan, watch the show and figure it all out.”

Mimi Leder (Director, executive producer)
“Just get ready to enjoy this beautiful insanity. Dive right in.” 

Carrie Coon (“Nora Durst”)
“I think audiences have to be prepared to not have their questions be answered, but to expect the same bold storytelling we’ve been delivering for the first two seasons—and it’s a lot of fun.”

Justin Theroux (“Kevin Garvey”)
“I just watched this first episode [of this season] and I would have done well to prepare by watching a highlight reel of the last season—or just doing a binge-watch of the first two seasons. That way you can just slip right in.”

Stream the final season of The Leftovers starting Sunday April 16 at 9 pm on HBO NOW and HBO GO.