The Leftovers Sails Down Under With "It's a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World."

A man married to his faith, Matt Jamison notoriously refuses to allow fools to suffer lightly. Case in point: he begs, borrows and steals to get onto a ferry traveling from Tasmania to Australia’s mainland to “rescue” his newfound messiah, Kevin Garvey. 

Throw in a red-hatted man claiming he’s God, a caged lion and a gaggle of naked pre-apocalypse partygoers — and it’s a recipe for sending Matt overboard. Here’s what the internet had to say about the reverend’s whirlwind hour, “It’s a Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt World.”

The episode was very personal for one critic: Vulture’s Matt Zoller Seitz shares that his life informed the episode:

“[Damon Lindelof] recently told me that episode five of the series was a response to my writing, and that, beyond that, some aspects of it were drawn from my life or what he imagined my life to be, particularly in the years that followed my wife Jennifer’s 2006 death from a previously undiagnosed heart problem. When I saw the episode, I had a complicated reaction. I was moved. Maybe flattered in some vague way. But also confused and maybe a bit dumbfounded. Frankly, I had just never had anything like this happen to me before.”

Co-creator Lindelof took to Instagram to share an inspiration of his own:

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...And yes, those “God” cards do exist

Inspirations aside, many were simply happy to see a ferry orgy in action. IndieWire’s Ben Travers elaborates:

“Rarely has the male body been celebrated so thoroughly on television, and we applaud the feminist spirit of Lindelof and director Nicole Kassell, who made sure for every bare-breasted woman with only a lion’s tail covering her backside, there was a man whose front-side tail was given the same unflinching attention.”

Variety’s Maureen Ryan also celebrates the episode’s bravery and Kassell’s intuitive direction:

“Yes, on Mother’s Day, I got a super-special present: A sex-drenched bacchanal on an ambitious drama that wasn’t kind of gross, depressing, and chock full of creepy objectification. I have no inside information about how the directors were chosen for individual episodes of this season of The Leftovers, but do I think it’s an accident that a woman directed this episode? No, I do not.”

While a Tasmanian ferry orgy was a delightful Sunday night surprise for many, some Leftovers fans were simply satisfied with finding out who David Burton was:

Have thoughts or lingering theories of your own? Share them in the comments below. 

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