The Year of the Goat

“Jerry, no, you gotta get it outta here.”           

In the latest episode of The Leftovers, “Lens,” as Jerry whipped out his handy plastic sheet, nearly everyone’s reaction in Miracle’s populace, whether verbally or facially, was resoundingly: “Let him do it!” But then, finally, Erica let her pot boil over in epic fashion and helped to answer the question: What’s up with the goats? Watch the scene play out again after the jump.

While the goat slaughter in “Axis Mundi” was big, there are slight, seemingly insignificant goat moments in every episode but the Laurie-Tom episode, “Off Ramp.” We’ve all seen Jerry parading a goat around town on a rope. We’ve seen Jerry and a goat in front of the liquor store, walking by the grocery store, crossing in front of the scientist as he drives his rented golf cart. Personally, I’ve been watching for the goat as if it’s a game of Where’s Waldo?

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