The Leftovers Season 2: 5 Juicy Details (And More!) Revealed

The Leftovers Season 2: 5 Juicy Details (And More!) Revealed

At the 2015 Television Critics Association summer press tour on Thursday in Los Angeles, details about the upcoming season of The Leftovers trickled out. Co-creators Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta appeared on stage with cast members Justin Theroux, Carrie Coon and new season regular Regina King to take questions from television reporters.

In top-line summary, to kick off Season 2, Kevin and Jill Garvey—along with Nora and the baby she found abandoned on the Garveys’ doorstep—move to Jarden, Texas, a town remarkable for its zero departures. Also in town are Matt and Mary Jamison, looking for a miracle of their own.

According to an on-the-scene report from The Hollywood Reporter, Lindelof stressed that Season 2 is not a reboot but rather “the next chapter.” Lindelof stood by the tone of the first season, reported USA Today. “We always want the show to feel authentic,” he told the crowd. “We wanted to ground the world. [It] may have felt bleak and despairing, but to us it felt honest.” The showrunner maintained his sense of humor, joking at one point about wanting “to tape Season 2 before a live studio audience—we wanted to opt in for a laugh track.”

All jokes aside, Lindelof suggested a more positive current running through the new season, which was announced as premiering Oct. 4. “It was important to us that the characters didn't want to feel that way,” Lindelof said, according to USA Today. “The idea of people wanting to feel better, particularly this family, [they] wouldn't want to stay in the places they were, either geographically or emotionally.”

So—apart from the change in scenery—what else can you expect from the new season? Here are five juicy bits Lindelof and Co. revealed during the panel discussion.

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