The Cast of The Leftovers Wants to Leave You With This

Throughout the final season of The Leftovers, we asked the cast and crew what they hope viewers will take away from the series after it comes to a close. Here’s what they had to say. 

Scott Glenn (“Kevin Garvey, Sr.”)
“I hope that each person who watches it is interested, entertained, turned on, made to laugh —and maybe ask themselves what family really means.” 

Jasmin Savoy Brown (“Evie Murphy”)
“Remember the power of love. That’s what a lot of what this show has been about for me. Love of everything. Love of friends and family. Love of self. Love of God. Love of the choice to not believe in God. Love of nature and the power that it has.” 

Kevin Carroll (“John Murphy”)
The Leftovers challenges you. It reminded me to be grateful as a person. This work has inspired incredible conversations that are meaningful to people.” 

Amy Brenneman (“Laurie Garvey”)
“You’re probably going to watch episodes more than once. You’re probably going to watch each season more than once. But it’s deeply intellectually and emotionally satisfying.”

Mimi Leder (Executive Producer, Director)
“One thing I hope that audiences take away from The Leftovers and, especially this season, is to not give up.”

Justin Theroux (“Kevin Garvey”)
“I hope The Leftovers continues to start a conversation. I think it’s one of those shows that’s pretty bottomless. You can watch it on a second viewing and think, not only, ‘Oh, I didn’t catch that,’ but it also has pretty heavy themes that are great for dinner table discussion or watercooler talk. It’s one of those shows that keeps giving the more you watch it. I’m not trying to get people to rewatch, rewatch, rewatch — but it’s a rich show and it stands a rewatch.”

Carrie Coon (“Nora Durst”)
“I hope the show is remembered for being brave; as a brave show that pushed some boundaries and made people actually feel something — not just turn it off and go ‘what’s for dinner?’”

Tom Perrotta (Co-creator, Executive Producer, The Leftovers author)
"The show is about different individuals searching for a narrative — religious or otherwise — that will allow them to live and love despite the terrible losses they’ve suffered. If the show  helps viewers think about their own quests for meaning, and gives them a way to talk about it with their friends and loved ones, that would be a beautiful thing. We need stories in order to live, and we’re hoping The Leftovers is one of those necessary stories."

Damon Lindelof (Co-creator, Executive Producer)
“I hope it makes people think and feel and laugh and cry and forgive and last but not least — to quote the Guilty Remnant — I hope it makes them remember.”