Season 3 Premiere: Recaps, Reactions and Raves

The excitement surrounding the Season 3 premiere of The Leftovers was focused on the return of the series, a hefty amount of beard growth, and the beginning of the end.

Quartz writer Adam Epstein shares his feelings:  “The show crackles with the anxious energy of something big about to happen — perhaps another departure, perhaps the return of those lost, perhaps the world ending for good this time. Or, again, maybe it’ll be nothing.”

Entertainment Weekly comments on the way the premiere hit the refresh button — reconfiguring  many of the relationships and situations we had grown used to. “‘The Book of Kevin’ was a terrific bolt of a premiere, reframing everything’s that happened in two seasons, shuffling some of the essential relationships, and doubling down on clues that once seemed too preposterous to be anything more than the ravings of a lunatic.”

Despite the time jump, it is clear Kevin Garvey is still grappling with some demons, something Indiewire’s Ben Travers points out: “What Kevin doesn’t realize—and the show does, profoundly—is sometimes people need to be shaken. Pretending it’s OK isn’t the same as being OK, and people aren’t always willing to venture outside their bubbles of belief.” 

Twitter fans are rejoicing at the series’ return, excited that the show continues its tradition of challenging its audience, rather than handholding them through the story:

Fans and critics alike are excited by the possibilities of the new season,  thrilled to be taking the final journey with Kevin and his family and friends. As the season continues, more theories and emotions will surely start pouring in. For now, we’ll continue to watch and rewatch Kevin atop his white horse.