Season One

We're Still Here.


Episode 1: "Pilot"

Small-town police chief Kevin Garvey juggles personal and professional challenges as the three-year anniversary of The Departure – when millions of people worldwide suddenly vanished – approaches.

Episode 2: "Penguin One, Us Zero"

Kevin visits a therapist, Meg must decide whether she can let go of the past, and Tom and Christine are put in a precarious situation.

Episode 3: "Two Boats and a Helicopter"

Mapleton's Rev. Matt Jamison struggles to hold onto his church in the face of threats and debts.

Episode 4: "B.J. and the A.C."

Kevin encounters unexpected holiday surprises, while Tom and Christine run into more trouble on the road.

Episode 5: "Gladys"

Laurie is put to the test in the wake of a brutal crime, and Kevin turns down an outside offer of assistance.

Episode 6: "Guest"

Nora Durst finds herself adrift during a Departure-related conference in New York.

Episode 7: "Solace for Tired Feet"

Kevin’s father wreaks havoc after escaping the psych hospital, and Tom makes an unsettling discovery.

Episode 8: "Cairo"

Kevin faces the consequences after an alarming memory lapse, Meg loses control, and Jill and Aimee feud.

Episode 9: "The Garveys At Their Best"

Kevin tries to suppress bad habits, Laurie receives some not-unexpected news, and Nora has a job interview.

Episode 10: "The Prodigal Son Returns"

Chaos ensues when the Guilty Remnant execute an elaborate Memorial Day plan.