Season Two

Begin Again.


Episode 1: "Axis Mundi"

A prominent family meets their new neighbors in the only Departure-free town in America. 

Episode 2: "A Matter of Geography"

Looking for a fresh start, Kevin, Nora, Jill and Lily leave Mapleton for the "Miracle" town of Jarden, Texas.

Episode 3: "Off Ramp"

Laurie writes a tell-all book, and enlists Tom to help rescue a troubled Guilty Remnant recruit.

Episode 4: "Orange Sticker"

Nora is plagued by new fears, while Kevin and John try to piece together a missing-persons mystery. 

Episode 5: "No Room at the Inn"

A trip out of Miracle turns into a harrowing ordeal for Reverend Matt and his unresponsive wife, Mary.

Episode 6: "Lens"

Nora and Erika face some painful questions about their losses and lives, and Kevin admits to a secret.

Episode 7: "A Most Powerful Adversary"

Nora gives Kevin and Jill news they weren't expecting, and Laurie makes a rash decision that affects the Garveys.  

Episode 8: "International Assassin"

Questions and answers emerge in the wake of Kevin's desperate decision to vanquish Patti. 

Episode 9: "Ten Thirteen"

A personal loss and pilgrimage to Miracle offer clues into Meg's path.

Episode 10: "I Live Here Now"

Miracle faces and unexpected threat on the fourth anniversary of The Departure.